working through a creative block

Last week I was in a serious creative block. It was terrible. I sat on the couch for hours with a blank sketch pad and nothing came. I bought magazines, I went for a walk and then I just started painting. Painting nothing in particular, just making lines on paper.

I once read that writers who have writers block should continuously write "I don't know what to write" until something else comes to mind. I suppose you could say that drawing lines did the same thing for me. I was acting out painting and eventually something happened. Those lines became more lines and then they became lines with movement, then came ideas to draw more lines but with color and on larger paper (I still have to do these). My mind was buzzing with ideas on how these lines could become a whole series of paintings. 

And then after hours of painting black and white lines, came flowers. Colorful flowers and leaves. Leaves of every shape. I broke through and worked until 11 pm. Painting and painting and painting. 

Do you get creative block? How do you work through it? One of my favorite articles, The Creative Process: Working through 5 stages of Creative Resistance written by Anahata Katkin, is a good read!