The Croatian Museum of Naive Art

Ivan Rabuzin
One of my favorite museums is The Croatian Museum of Naive Art. It is a small (3 room) museum with fabulous art by self taught artists. The colors and techniques are so fabulous I always leave with an urge to paint! My favorite technique is when the artist paints oils onto glass. The glass is flipped so what you see is technically the back of the painting. I do not know what this technique is called and I do not know what other artists use this style of painting. If you have any other info please share!

Steven and I discovered this museum in 2003 during our honeymoon in Croatia. We both fell in love with the art so much that we went to a nearby gallery and purchased a print by one of the artists in the museum. It is a fantastic piece that is signed and stamped by the artist himself! It is by Ivan Generalić. When we moved we left all of art back in Ohio. I wish I had a photo of the print. It is absolutely beautiful!
Ivan Lackovic Croata
This is painting is similar to the print we bought.
Mijo Kovacic
note the reflection-this is painted on glass
Dragan Gazi
painted on glass
Slavko Stolnik
painted on glass
Now onto the artist that took my breath away during this trip! Ivan Rabuzin! I bought a book where his art has been described as "to the curse of the prevailing chaos, alienation and disaster he opposes harmony, the bliss of peace, the state of grace and the sense of happiness." I completely agree! His pieces have inspired me so much. I love the simplicity of the subjects but the details within the painting. My friend commented that he must have gotten board painting all those little strokes. I completely disagree. I imaging it was a very meditative process. What do you think? If you click on the image it should enlarge so you can see the details.
Ivan Rabuzin
The friends we were traveling with were staying at the Sheraton in Zagreb. They told me we had to come by and take a look at what was behind the front desk....look at the size of this painting! Absolutely stunning!
After our visit to the museum, Steven and I were talking about art. He asked me if I thought it was difficult to find my style, my niche. I think so but I think most people would consider me an illustrator, not an artist in the traditional sense. I don't know if an artist can recognize their style? Any thoughts? Also, I think it benefited these artist not to have formal training....they had no box to create in. By being self taught-they were never told limitations of media or technique. Do you agree?