need your help...

I have been stuck. Stuck in a creative whirlpool. Swirling and changing my mind over and over. Designing and redesigning. Thinking too much! ...over-designing. I miss the constructive criticism, the feedback and the brainstorming I once had when working with other creatives in a company.

I have been designing a line of cards and notebooks. I found a printer and am going to have 50-100 of each design printed. I think this is what has thrown me into this rut. I have to commit to a design...and I have to pay for that commitment....what if I choose the wrong design? The wrong color? If I choose the wrong design, I am stuck with 50 of something that I won't be able to sell.

So, I ask you, yes you. Please help me! Please comment on what notebook designs you think I should sell. Which ones should I print? Should I change the colors? I need some feedback. I don't care if you are a designer or not. Everyone is a consumer...would you buy any of these?

I can print 4-5 designs.
I think I will sell individually and in sets of two (except for the bird design...still working on another design to go with this.)

Please comment and choose your 4-5 favorite designs and send me any comments you have on how I can improve the designs.
PS. You should not need a Google account to comment. Just choose anonymous.