blog spotlight: Anahata Katkin

Hello! Can you believe this week is Christmas! There is so much going on and my head is spinning with ideas and inspiration. Of course, there is no time to create as we have been spending so much time driving from one house to the next to visit with family and catch up with friends. Fortunately, my jet lag is allowing me a few hours every morning to get some drawing in before everyone gets up. The bad thing-by 8pm I am passed out on the couch.

I have been thinking about resolutions and what lies ahead in 2010. So much has happened in the past year that I can only imagine what the next year will bring. In an attempt to start early with my resolutions....I have decided try to structure my blog a bit better. Monday's will be the day when I spotlight blogs and websites. I spend so much time being inspired by things I find on the Internet that I thought I would share with you some of the interesting people that inspire me.

So, lets get started. I thought it would be great to start with my favorite...Anahata Katkin. What I love about her work is her use of color and collage. Her paintings as well as digital work are interesting with layer built upon layer of handwork and photos.

One of the first things I blogged about was fear and creativity. I posted Anahata's "THE CREATIVE PROCESS: Working with the 5 stages to overcome Creative Resistance". Click HERE to read. She offers workshops that sounds so interesting. Someday I will go. For now I will explore her websites and blogs...
What do you think? Do you like her work? Who is your favorite artist? I am always looking for interesting websites and blogs. Please send me your favorites!