fire and blueberry tea.

Let me begin by apologizing for not being so good about blogging. It has been a tiring, exciting and successful two weeks. 6 Bazaars and I am finally finished! My notebooks were well received and the Christmas cards sold like hotcakes...although I still have a few left. So, thank you for all your suggestions and pats on the back. It is much appreciated and it was very needed!!

Since the shows are over I can finally sit and think about everything else going on in my leave for the USA on Thursday! It has been 15 months since we have seen our families. At times it feels like we just saw them yesterday and at other times it feels like years. I am excited and nervous. What will it feel like to be back home...and what will it feel like to leave again. Will my new home in Budapest that I have grown to love so much still feel like home when I return?

I will be home (Ohio) for three weeks and then I head to New York for a week! There is a big print show that I will be attending. I will tell you more about that later.

You can count on no more posts for this week. There is too much packing and getting ready. And on top of it, I am sick. So, for now I am going to enjoy my cup of tea and the great fire I built and start my list of things I need to work on.

Until next week cheers and stay warm!

my awesome fire-I am so proud of myself!