I wish I could get to London to see the new V&A exhibit. The V&A will present its first ever exhibition of British quilts, with examples dating from 1700 to the present day!

This exhibit is timely as quilts and quilting fabrics seem to be taking on a life of their own. As a child I always watched my grandma quilt. She made quilts for the bed and to hang on the wall. One of my favorite quilts of hers is one where she printed photos of the family onto swatches of fabric and quilted the family into the quilt....a family tree quilt! What I love most about this quilt is all the little details that she has sewn onto it....a button from an old dress and jewelry from the past. A special quilt indeed. (I wish I had a photograph to post with this.)

It seems like over the past 10 years there has been a surge of younger artists beginning to quilt. Along with this has come a wave of designers creating quilting fabrics with edgy designs and bold colors. Quilting fabrics these days are not just used for quilts but for clothing as well. I wrote about my friend Josephine Kimberling last month. She is a great example of one of the new designers out there creating great quilting fabrics with bold and bright colors. A few others that I like are Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner.
Why has quilting seen this surge of popularity? Is it because of the "handmade movement". Or is it the economy and the time we live in?

I grew up sewing. My grandma who was quilting was also teaching me to sew clothes for my Barbi's. I have always enjoyed sewing. There is a calmness that settles with me-much like how I feel when I am painting. Is this why other people sew? To take a break from the ciaos and focus on a needle and thread? Why do you sew? I really wan to know. Grandma-why did you start quilting?