I have been working on my new website. I like what my current site looks like and I have gotten great feedback-and lots of work from it. However, I don't feel it fully represents my current work. After putting this off for over a year, I finally sat down and started working on an updated layout. And, I have found someone who is going to get it up and running for me-YEAH!!

I want my website to:
  • represent my work
  • be a portfolio of past and current projects
  • advertise my products and services
  • advertise where I am and where you can find me
  • encourage people to check back frequently
I am curious...what are some of your favorite websites? What do you like and what drives you crazy? Any advice or opinions about websites are very much appreciated!!

Here are a few websites I really like. What do you think?

My new website should be up by mid May! So, stay tuned!!

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!