a cup of coffee with a side of inspiration

Yesterday was my birthday. I usually get weird around my birthday...unsure of how I feel about it. This year was different, I was in a very good mood. Maybe it was the nice friend I meet for coffee or the friends who were in from out of town that we meet for dinner. Or maybe it was the wonderful husband who made me feel like a million bucks. Whatever it was, it was good day.

Today, I am a bit tired. I am on my second cup of coffee and not very productive. Time to step away from the computer and sit outside with my sketchbook.

Before I head out I thought I would tell you about a company that I just heard about. They are called Green Gate. They are based out of Copenhagen. Their stuff is so sweet!

How did I hear about them? I received the below coffee mug yesterday as a gift from my friends Andi and Ed. A great (and inspiring) gift! Thank you!

I just love everything about Green Gate! The colors, the patterns, even the photos are so well done. It makes me crave summer!What do you think?

Have a nice weekend!