sometimes you just need to paint

Sometimes I just need a brush in my hand instead of a pen. Sisters Gulassa had a post a few weeks ago that I can't get it out of my head. It was a simple post but it has inspired me so much! I just must paint. Let go of the pen and computer and let my relaxed hand holding a paintbrush...paint.
Last year I was on a mission to find silk paints locally. I bought many different brands but the colors and technique did not compare with what I bought in the states. So, I have all these silk paints that I will never use. Well, today I found a purpose. They makes great paints on paper!
I primarily used only used black paint because I thought it would be easier to scan and manipulate in the computer. Who knows? Maybe these will turn into actual prints...or maybe just stay as reminders of a nice day of painting. Either way, I must thank Cyrille and Lise over at Sisters Gulassa for inspiring me to pick up a paintbrush!