I am back! After almost 4 weeks of travels in France and Estonia, I am back with new ideas and tons of inspiration! I took loads of photos and have been trying to decide how to tell you about everything in a way that seems organized.

Today I start with Souleiado, a textile company & museum in Tarascon, France. The history of Souleiado is quit fascinating. I found a great website that explains the history of the company. click here for the website. Thank you to my dear friend Antoinette for introducing me to this French tradition.

Patterns I feel in love with
I love the colors in the below patternvery Provence!
I loved that they had rooms set up as workshops.
I am familiar with the copper screens but I had never seen anything like the one on the right. It is like a woodblock but on a cylinder. Fascinating!Traditional woodblocksThe color and dye room
The workshop in use.
love love love the colors!!!
Antoinette and I enjoying a cold water outside the museum. It was so hot in France that our days were filled with cold drinks and many showers.
The museum was next door to a Souleiado store. I fell in love with these shoes. They were not the most comfortable and so I didn't buy them...but aren't they adorable!
If you want to see more photos from Souleiado, see my flicker page link on the right.