NYC: Surtex and The High Line

It is hard to believe that Surtex was just last week. It was awesome. My first time attending and it was fun and exhausting! I worked the Group Four booth for 2 days and learned a ton! It was great to be able to hear client comments and really get a feeling for what people are looking for when they buy art. I have returned back to Budapest with inspiration and motivation (two things that I was having trouble with when I left For the States a month ago.)

The Group Four crew taking a break after a mad rush of people.
It is always great to see my friends of Sisters Gulassa, Cyrille and Lisa. Lise lives in California and Cyril in Vienna. I am determined to visit Cyrille soon-we live so close to one another!
I am thinking of having a booth myself next year. I am truly torn. Have you had a booth at Surtex? Was is it good for you?

Before the show I spent 3 days shopping, walking and enjoying NYC! I really love that town. I have been wanting to visit The High Line the past few visits. This time I got there.

The High Line was originally built in the 1930's to life dangerous freight trains off the streets. Section 1 of the High Line is open as a public park. It is fantastic! The way they have kept the train tracks and have integrated it into the park is genius!