“Every day is a different creative journey, but it always starts with a paintbrush.”

From geometric batik prints in Bali, to the intricate folk patterns of painted eggs in Budapest, Diane Kappa finds inspiration everywhere.

Even as a young child, she knew that art would be an integral part of her life. Her mother, an artist herself, would lovingly encourage young Diane to express her creativity -- be it with crayons, clay or a sewing machine. Several years later, Diane would graduate with a degree in fashion design from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Diane’s background as a trained artist helped her develop discipline and technique, which came in handy designing for Nordstrom and other retailers. Meanwhile, it was her passion for patterns and fabric that led her towards surface design, and the beginning of a remarkable journey that took her thousands of miles across the ocean to the cobblestone streets of Budapest, Hungary. Fueled by all the sights, smells and sounds of Hungarian culture (not to mention plenty of rich goulash and decadent pastries), she began building her licensing and design business. Eventually, Diane brought her business stateside to continue expanding.  

Today, Diane runs Diane Kappa Designs, an internationally recognized surface design company. Effortlessly fusing tradition with contemporary sensibilities, her sophisticated yet whimsical designs translate to an extensive portfolio spanning apparel, home furnishings, stationery and more. And despite the growing demand for her collections, Diane still starts off every morning with a paintbrush or pencil in her hand, constantly experimenting with bold colors and fresh new styles. She currently resides in Seattle with her husband, where many cozy nights are spent in the company of friends, filling their house with joy, creativity and laughter.